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     Yersinia Pestis Distribution is an independent underground
company, based out of the U.S.,that was created in the Fall of 2009.
Originally my idea was to have an
outlet for whatever kind of illustration, print, t-shirt design, or
anything else I wanted to create and make a product from, without any
constraints put on me by an outside client. One of my earliest
inspirations as an aspiring "artist", was album and t-shirt art, and
though I wanted to continue making illustrations for bands, I also
wanted to give myself a little more freedom. So, eventually I fused
the two ideas, I could still illustrate for bands, but if the band was
willing, perhaps I could make a small run of shirts or prints of the
image I made for them, and package it however I please, including
extras (pin/badge, printed patch, poster, print, etc.) and/or
elaborate packaging. All of this, of corse, with the permission of the
band. My next goal was to figure out a way I could collaborate with
other artists whose work I admire, I contacted a few who I was
familiar with, and basically formed the idea from there. By
commissioning others to do shirts and prints for Yersinia Pestis, I
feel the Distro can reach a wider audience, I'll get to work with
people whose efforts I admire, and hopefully, by giving the artists
one hundred percent freedom with the image and final product, they
will be contributing some of their best work. For the most part I'm
only interested in collaborating with people who are proud of their
place in the underground, and have no desire to "make it big" by
working with large record labels, or corporate companies that will put
whatever is currently "in" on anything that is marketable to the
m(-)asses (overpriced sneakers, t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, etc).
The prices of products from Y-Pestis will directly reflect the cost of
payment to the artist for their time, and cost of printing/creating
the final product. Any profit made from sales, will go back into
making more product. Anyone who joins the mailing list will not only
be informed of newly released items, but also will be given the
opportunity to buy special "mailing list only" items that wont be
publicly available on the site, and may also receive a random free
package, again, only if you sign up for the mailing list. To sign up,
please email me through the "contact" page, and use the subject
"subscribe". The same goes for all other inquiries, and please
remember, Y-Pestis is not a printing service, I get my products made
through local independent printing companies. I appreciate your
interest in Yersinia Pestis, please contact me if you are in need of
illustrations, or feel your work would be an appropriate addition to
the site.
Josh McAlear
Yersinia Pestis